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The No Proscenium Podcast

Apr 26, 2019

Friend of the show Landon Zakheim and host Noah Nelson head to a park on a sunny Easter Sunday to talk about horror... um, kinda? 

We dive into the immersive lineup at the 2019 Overlook Film Festival, which is full of fun surprises this May 30th - June 2nd in New Orleans.

Plus: Noah has some personal news.

Also: check...

Apr 19, 2019

Writer/Director David Ruzicka (Creep: Lore, The Willows) and creative producer Eric Vosmeier join host Noah Nelson to talk about their dark fantasy confection, I want to live in your mouth,  that has transmogrified North Hollywood's Zombie Joe's Underground Theater into the stuff of childhood fever dreams.

It's a...

Apr 12, 2019

The Nest -- which blended elements of escape rooms and podcast dramas -- was one of our favorite shows of 2017. The show's two LA-based creators Jeff Leinenveber and Jarrett Lantz, aka Scout Expedition Co., are bringing the piece back in an extended format this year.

This week they launched a Kickstarter campaign that...

Apr 5, 2019

Co-creators Christoff Visscher (Cantrip Candles) and Spencer Williams (Walk The Night) join host Noah Nelson to talk about their new collaboration Tales By Candlelight. This scent guided storytelling experience mixes the best of tabletop roleplaying with an olfactory journey to create an artifact of a place that never...