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The No Proscenium Podcast

Nov 3, 2017

Get ready for some brain-twisty-ness on the latest episode.

First: we have Lin Bo, of China's dissident Xiong Collective joining us for a hot second at Think Tank Gallery where he is hanging their new collaboration 'District 798.' Lin Bo is the subject of the show 'Caught,' which is also making its bow at Think Tank.

How does that work? We have no idea. 

Then it's time for one of THOSE episodes, as we sit down with Derek Spencer of Ceaseless Fun (and the League of Experiential and Immersive Artists) to talk about... well, everything. 

Plus a short rant about Gothamist shutting down, word on the Immersive Design Summit, and strange interruptions galore.

This one really is like hanging out with us.