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The No Proscenium Podcast

Jun 14, 2019

I first met Robin Arnott, CEO of Andromeda Entertainment, at E3 many moons ago when he was showing an audio-based thriller game Deep Sea at the Indiecade booth. It was a true oddity -- a video game without video -- an immersive experience before we were throwing that term around as we now do.

In the years since Robin and I have crossed paths on his home turf of Austin -- when I was working a story on indie games for NPR -- at GDC, and Indiecade. In my mind he's always been one of the "weird art kids" making games in the space beyond the horizon.

So it was a shock when I was at an event months ago and learned that he had become the CEO of a start-up that was looking to redefine just what games could be. Robin? A CEO? 

Get ready for an adventure as we catch up, road trip style, from the heart of DTLA to the Hollywood Hills -- and from Austin's indie game scene to the philosophical frontier.