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The No Proscenium Podcast

Jul 26, 2019

Kathryn Yu sits down with Jordan Chlapecka and Kendra Slack of Linked Dance Theatre to talk about Remembrance, their 11th site-specific, immersive show coming soon to a historic house on Governors Island in NYC. In Remembrance, audiences will have the ability to explore the fading memories of a woman with Alzheimer's Disease as they enter her home as guests during her 65th birthday party. 

The three discuss the company's approach to blending movement, text, and live music; what they’ve learned throughout their journey; the illusion of audience agency versus actual agency; their approach to narrative, on-boarding, and casting the audience; what it's like to make their first sandbox show; the power of immersive theatre to connect; using immersive to explore social issues; and their Kickstarter campaign for Remembrance.


Plus: a bonus lightning round where Kathryn forces Jordan and Kendra to choose their favorite children.