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The No Proscenium Podcast

Apr 4, 2020

Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development for the Royal Shakespeare Company, was originally scheduled as one of our featured speakers at the HERE Summit.

Since we're all on lockdown, Sarah joined us on the HERE Discord to talk about the innovative immersive work that the RSC has been exploring of late, and discusses how the current crisis is shaping some of the thinking the RSC has around digital and physical immersive projects.

Plus: thanks to the show being recorded via Discord, we take questions from the audience live on air. You can get in on that action in the future by becoming a backer of the NoPro Patreon.

Looking for immersive to explore from home? Check out Now Playing: Immersive for 'Indoor Kids' and Indoor Kids Vol. 3: Games Galore, both mentioned today on the 'cast.