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The No Proscenium Podcast

Oct 27, 2018

Kathryn Yu moderates and This Is Not A Theatre Company's Erin Mee is the featured guest in this talkback session for Cafe Play recorded on September 30th, 2018.

Featuring guest appearances by the cast of the show, Alyssa Kim, Christy Casey, and Andrew Hoepfner.

Plus: Noah rambles a bit about his recent trip to Meow Wolf...

Oct 19, 2018

Odyssey Works is a legendary company that started in San Francisco around the turn of this century. They're best known for making elaborate, immersive pieces of theatre for one. Ayden LeRoux is an installation artist and writer who is a part of Odyssey Works' team of collaborators, and she joins NoPro's Kathryn Yu in...

Oct 12, 2018

Shine On Collective's writer-director duo Anna Mavromati and Marlee Delia join host Noah Nelson in LA to talk about their latest work Echoes in the Dark, a 2018 update of the Frankenstein story, and how their collaboration has evolved over the last two years of work.

Plus: we touch on a bunch going on in LA right now,...

Oct 5, 2018

Yvonne Chang and Jae Lee of NYC's Wildrence join guest host Kathryn Yu to talk about their unique storytelling space and consulting studio on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Plus: quick notes from Noah about the beautifully constructed site-specific work Nightwalk in the Chinese Garden currently in Southern...