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The No Proscenium Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

We met Amanda Rose Villarreal at the Denver Immersive Summit, where we shared a panel with her and Jenny Weinbloom of Meow Wolf Denver on Consent & Agency in immersive. Amanda Rose is getting her Ph.D in Theatre Arts at Colorado University at Boulder, and her practice involves training "police officers, lawyers, and counselors to use effective communication and de-escalation techniques during crisis intervention and conflict management."

Amanda Rose is both a practitioner and a researcher, so we're getting a full spectrum look.

That work has given her incredible insight into the challenges facing immersive creators around issues of agency and consent, and we dig into that on today's episode, recorded live in the field at The Molecule Effect cafe in Denver.

This week's episode brought to you by listeners like you and The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts.


Content Advisory: language and mature themes.