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The No Proscenium Podcast

Nov 22, 2019

How did we get so lucky?

Last week we sat down with Ben Snow (director of 'Vader Immortal'), Alyssa Finley (producer Ep. II and III), and John Nguyen (design director, Ep. III) of the ILMxLAB and Colum Slevin head of media in the AR/VR experiences team at Oculus to talk about Vader Immortal Episode III, the final chapter of the series.

We dig into what the team has learned across the arc of three episodes, and so much more.

Plus: two Noah rants. Woof.

Show Notes

- My review of Vader Immortal Episode III

- Will Cherry's review of The Under Presents

- Our bonus episode with Edward Saatchi of Fable Studio on Virtual Beings

- And Ari Herstand's article about how California's new freelance laws are going to hurt independent musicians.