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The No Proscenium Podcast

May 29, 2020

A few weeks back David Liu -- Creative Director at, a virtual reality consulting firm,  and formerly the Creative Director of Viacom Next and recently with the volumetric capture company The Lightframe Co. in NYC -- who tweets under the handle TheDak posted an interesting thread-- which David now refers to as “that thread” about the state of hiring practices in XR.

David and I are Twitter friends. I like the cut of his jib. He’s got a ton of experience, and he champions the multi-disciplinary approach to team building in XR, the most tech-heavy part of the overall immersive entertainment industry. 

We start out on the thread, but this is No Proscenium, so we go all over the place. Especially because David and I have never really chatted before. I love it when these kidneys of episodes work out. I do, however, talk too much. Shock.

Plus: a few words about the current cultural moment(s) we find ourselves in at the top of the show from yours truly. -Noah J. Nelson